A new kemetic year

Ending of years are always a conflicting time of year for me. The influences of that year are going to be less, but new ones will come into focus. In kemetic orthodoxy, each year has its own God/s and or Goddess/es reigning over that year : with goals for that year to achieve. This means, change, some times it is comfortable some times not but always for the better.  So, for my own memory’s sake, I’ll remember what’s happened at the end of the year.. And the beginning.                                          1. I sent protection to whales/ dolphins from Faroese hunters. I wondered if it had helped at all.. ( even though the warm fuzzies I got from the candle said yes ). So the answer to my question, was played out quite amusingly. Part of the magic was to make the hunters not be able to see or hear whales/ Dolphins, so at least some could escape. Twice, in one week I wanted to eat fish for dinner, but twice at the shops when I asked clearly for fish – the person operating the till didn’t hear me. No fish for me. I took it as answer to my question but also part of a price, if I want to protect them, I can not eat fish. Sounds fair to me.                                                                                                                                                                                                             2. I called upon ancestors, known and unknown to help prevent police brutality against people of colour. There is a ritual held every week by a group I like to follow. I like keeping my eye on the ball. It has given me interesting things to read about, I even was asked if I wanted to be taught by a life priest to serve Ifa. I was quite surprised by this, but sadly I don’t feel any connection to them.  Cool to be asked though.

3. Hillsborough tragedy – in 1989   96 people died in a crush at a semi final football match. Even though the findings were a few month ago I’ll still mention it. As a child, I remember watching about the Hillsborough tragedy, it made me angry. I could see the fans were innocent and the police were lying and I was like 5?6? .i remember crying that people died so horrifically and then were lied about so callously.  How wrong this was to those who died and families, how could people be so cruel?   I think since then, I’ve been connected to it. It recently was in the news again because a decision was near its conclusion in a high court hearing. I felt a spirit with me, I don’t know who- wether they were a victim, or like me they too were angered by it. One thing I knew, there was no way this spirit would let fans be blamed, the spirits were not having it. . I felt them again on the day the fans were proved innocent.  Finally the truth was exposed, the police lied, the news reporters lied, politicians lied. Fans formed rescue groups to try to save those who collapsed.. The police stood together confused.. Took no leadership.  I lit a candle for those who died, and lit a candle for justice to find her way to those who lied and still keep shovel the lies on. Explanation of what happened at Hillsborough.

4. This year ended by going to Germany, sadly I couldn’t get the exact dates I wanted, so I only saw the start of the Marksmen festival. I had forgotten the start of it entirely as usually I see the parade the next day. It starts with 3 very loud punctuated fire works on top of a hill: where we all walk to to hold the festivities. This is done by the shooting competitions,bands, stalls, bumper cars etc. 3 days of marching, dancing and drinking in short.  I’m going off the topic slightly. At the start.. The marks men who are old enough to be out at half 8 at night.. Carry torches, March a short distance around the centre of the village, and sing a hymn to fallen soldiers.  I actually found it quite touching. I couldn’t remember this at all from before, but I suppose I wasn’t old enough to see it or to remember it. Anyway Der lied vom Gute kamerade. I really like it.  I am going to try to upload the video I have of it. These are photos of the two memorial points. The heart – is inscribed with a general idea of thinking of those you love, and lost the second for those who died in wars.

5. The new  kemetic year has started, and the oracle have been given by Aset. The year of Light and delight. You can  Read the oracle here http://polytheist.com/kemet-today/2016/08/04/aset-oracle-for-year-24/ as found on Rev. Siudas own blog.  So far, I’ve had one experience of this years influence. I was watching a recording of a man undergoing past life regression therapy, there was one part, where he chanelled Jesus – who was watching over him. I kept an open mind about whether this was real or not, but.. The feelings that I got where not my own, and I could feel a presence.. Smiling at me, giving me feelings of love and peace. It was really quite beautiful in its own right. The therapist asked what message he had for people viewing the videos – suddenly the sun outside became intensely bright .. And those feelings came back to me. So, there I have it. I just met Jesus 😆 I thought I’d be the last person to experience that. 

Lastly, I came across a newly made video/ song by Yakoov Shwekey, called We are a miracle. One of the people directing it is on my Facebook feed, because of the humourish songs he makes under the name of Jewbellish. This one was not however humourous, and the information around the video interested me. The man featured in it, is one of two survivors of the holocaust; who are able to tell the story.     I have borrowed this next text from Mendy Pellin. He tells it better. 

When I was a kid, I heard a story: During the Yom Kippur war, there was an Israeli tank that found itself alone and outnumbered. The tank commander knew this was the end, it was only a matter of a few minutes before he was going to get killed. So he decided to spend his final moment saying Shema in his Tefilin. He stood on top of his tank and covered his eyes. But when he removed his eyes… all the enemies were fleeing. 

Later, when they captured one of the enemy tank commanders, the enemy said they saw the Israeli soldier, unshielded, on top of his tank, with boxes and strings attached to him. They figured ‘if he’s standing there without a care, he must be wearing some kind of advanced weapon we are not geared for.’ So they quickly got the hell out of there.

I’m not sure if this story is true. But I thought it really illustrates the point that our nation is alone… but we have G-d to pray to. And through illogical ways, we survive. We are a miracle.

– This tank commander represents ‘the Jew’. He survived through Auschwitz, he survived fighting for the holy land. But, just as with every Jew, in everyday life, it’s easy to forget that we are in fact a living miracle. Our downfall always starts with us forgetting that. That’s why our ‘Jew’ used his Holocaust uniform to create a bag to hold his Tefilin. Those two items together is an instant reminder how much of a miracle we are. 

But there comes a time, that we must pass on our ‘miracle’ to the next generation. So, as an old man, he takes his Tefilin bag to his grandson as a bar mitzvah gift. When he walks in, he is suddenly greeted to the sight of his grandchild already living that miracle. Not on a tank. Not in Auschwitz. Free. And that gives him the greatest joy he can imagine.

– Keeping with our theme of the jewish nation standing alone. I had the singer, Yaakov Shwekey, sing to an empty theater and an empty hall. We can try to yell to the world that we have a right to exist. Even with the greatest logic, there is ultimately no one listening. We are singing to ourselves. But it’s still important to ‘sing’ out loud that we are a miracle – even if no one is listening. Because we as a nation can’t be reminded enough! And eventually, our young will ‘sing’ with is – as illustrated by a children’s choir in the empty hall.
– The actor who acted as the survivor is a real Auschwitz survivor. He’s 90 years-old and living in Los Angeles. His name is Morris (Moshe) Price. His parents were both killed in the gas chambers.

A little after being liberated by US soldiers, he moved to America. Being that he applied for citizenship, it made him eligible for the draft. So he was drafted into the US Army and sent back to Germany. Just a year after being on the brink of death, extremely malnourished and sick, he returned to the same place, in great health, wearing a US Soldier uniform commanding the Germans.

– The first time I met Morris to be in the music video, I asked him to share his life story. Before starting his story, he prefaced with: “I just want to tell you, it doesn’t make sense that I’m sitting here today…. I’m a miracle…”He said that without me telling him the name of the song or what it’s about. I really got the goose bumps. Morris really does represent the Jewish existence being a miracle 

Even in a place where politics is meant to be ignored – this year a Jewish man won a gold medal but his Egyptian counterpart refused to shake his hand. The Olympic player received death threats from ‘ Muslims’ to make sure he didn’t shake his hand.  Anyway. Here’s the song I’m completely in love with;  We are a miracle and yes, when I played it the first time – Jesus popped by to agree with me.   This has been a long log of thoughts. 


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