Social justice

I do not have a lot to say right now, but wanted to log my up and coming events. At the moment I am working on the Faroe Islands ‘ tradition’ of beaching pilot whales to kill for meat. So far the killing is in process and an estimated 50 have died. Research has shown high levels of mercury in whale meat, so even though these murderes are slowly poisoning themselves’ it’s not fast enough to my liking. This year I’ve magically tried to steer these pilot whales away from the eyes and ears of the murderes although admittedly I am a little late as I didn’t realise it had started already. Better late than never. I also used sea salt as an offering, funny I bought it this week and didn’t make a connection immediately. Synchronicity eh. Not sure what I will do next year, but it will be more elaborate.     The other issue I am participating in this week is a planned response, to answer the call of black witches; primarily those living in America. As I’m sure a lot of us are aware of police killing black people over minor incidents and no justice for these families. There have been 2 black men killed this week alone.    so —Saturday 9 th july, 10 pm eastern time – world wide ritual to fight police brutality.  I watched a live rally this morning, lucky no lives taken in the rally outside the mayors home, but have since heard of another rally with fatalities. The racism and police brutality has come to a head, now is the time.  I plead everyone with a sense of right and wrong to stand against brutality. 


2 thoughts on “Social justice

  1. Nick

    You’re starting to sound more and more like a Heathen/Asatru lately.

    Not gonna lie…I kinda like it. Keep fighting the good fight.


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