Urban witch craft

The best magic, in my view is: using what’s available to you. Your bed just broke? Good. Turn it into your enemies and happy smashing.    
  Going to the pet shop for your Degus hay? And come across an item who’s name is similar to your enemy? Good. Let the birds peck them away.  Live by an underpass? And that magical item turned into your enemy? Stuff it with hay, degu poop, and rat / mouse nibbles . And then sit it in what is either dog or human pee.  
 What struck me about this photo is how terrified the zippy looks. But I like that it will feed rodents ( because I put food in the body ) and provide nice stuffing for nests.  It’s been a busy two days ! I can’t wait to buy an axe to chop up the headboard from my broken bed. . 


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