Vaquita update

Good news… A petition to permanently ban gill nets in mexico went from 3,000 to 50,000 in 28 hours, ironically the days I had a candle on the shrine. It now stands at 89 ,0000 – the goal is 150,000. sea shepherd along with the Mexican navy retrieved 3 gillnets in the protected Vaquita reserve this month.  The banning of gill nets will save so many species, it really needs to be made permanent to sustain a healthy population of so many endangered species .  I also read that many fisherman have died in recent months because of dangerous fishing conditions – the lure is so strong for the money these species provide ( endangered fishes ) .  Men are willing to die to make money, in a very deprived part of mexico, but there’s a trend of  fisher men saying they don’t want their sons to follow in their footsteps. These men need a new way to make a living. – sigh – I’ve also been watching reports of an Australian activist who us staging a hunger protest against their gillnets, which officials use to prevent sharks coming close to people swimming, do they work? No. There have been several deaths of protected species . It’s weird to think that as a country who’s tourism features largely around marine life; that they are so cruel. 


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