As part of last years Wesirs mysteries, I kept a candle vigil going through most of the night. At one point I woke up and checked the candle was still going.. What I hadn’t expected to happen was.. The papyrus I keep as a back frame to the shrine.. Suddenly morphed into a different picture. What I saw depicted was a very large Leopard, muscular and fierce, much like how you’d see on Chinese tattoos. The second figure was much smaller in comparison to this leopard, but very much came across as in control and driven. He was an african man with a spear, he had some kind of loin cloth but I don’t remember the detail.  I’m still uncertain as to who he is, but I think he is here. This week I have noticed a presence with me, who I seem unable to hear or see, but can feel. When I wake up from experiences with this being, I feel lighter physically, smaller even. I don’t know if I’m collecting psychic crap or of it’s fibromyalgia crap or both. But it’s strange to wake up feeling fresh and slightly raw in a good way. Who ever it is, I think they are here to stay, and I hope I can get more of an insight soon. 


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