The Going to curse you next list

The curse list, to me is a mentally kept register of people who have done something so atrocious that I have to make justice, in a world that so often fails to provide it for different reasons. I have even believed in this as a child, convinced there must be a way to bring about justice where law has failed ( it just irratated me I couldn’t find the door )                         My recent thoughts for the last 6 or so months, has largely turned to animal protection and those who hunt illegally – or for trophy kills of endangered animals. I am also including animal abusers, and neglect. Your all on my list, my on going never ending list. Japan your first in my list, those 300 minke whales are not your fucking dinner, I will make you who hunt them pay. Sea Captain, only in a corrupt capitalist money grabbing world which protects it’s own back could you be described as a ” radical animal rights activist group” when all you do is hold up the law and stop whaling/ fishing which is illegal. you will have my protection, everytime the japanese ram your boats – it will damage theirs more. Sweet innocent minke whales, I’ll find a way to keep you safer. This is war. 



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