Degu and magic

About 6 months ago I decided to distract me from chronic and acute pain.. I needed pets. What I didn’t realise was I had depression too .. I was so busy trying to plan how to reduce pain I didn’t see it creep in .. And because my mood wasn’t actually low or my thoughts . .it was like an invisible ninja until I seemed to boil with rage that seemed like a force outside of myself howling through me like a tornado. Enough of looking back .. It’s not my best memory ever .  In this time of healing, my newly acquired pets I hoped would have two functions . 1- make me happy/ distracted from pain , 2- be my familiars .    I chose them through normal methods of considering what pet needs are and my environment. Plus , they were the only ones who were awake at 3pm and playing in a toy wheel, and came up to say hello to me .image       So here they are. Peppermint and Clover.  For the first time in a long time , I laughed because I was happy. Having these two run all over you and use your cardigan to play hide and seek is endlessly funny. I didn’t realise how miserable I was . Or at least I thought I wasn’t anymore since I was actually on medication by this point for fibromyalgia. ( but it’s still a bitch even when medicated. ).  To my surprise and witchy proudness, I tested out a simple method of crafting with them  . I wrote an intended recipients named on a willow stick and gave to the Degu . Since them a few more have been created. They seem to treat the sticks with their own instinct. 1- fast and obliteration- the person has immediate consequences the next day, or 2: slow and painful – a month later there’s an incident that will take months to resolve recover from  . Of course, I’m sure you could do other things with  sticks , the purpose of the magic and even different things for the degu to eat but this is easy , quick and cheap. My over all point today – degu are smart , cheeky and loveable , they are sad when I’m away to the point they huddle up together and eat less .. And then of course they are fantastic familiars  . IMG_2050-0


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