Who is there ? 

I had an experience a few nights ago. I had been wondering to myself, what was next in my path . I have variably worked on magic and kemetic practice this year. ( but can’t share it on here ). But now it felt a bit stalled with my kemetic path, and wondered have I got to the point where, I’m ready to know my parents and beloveds? I wasn’t sure what was stopping me bar a guilt of how little I have engaged in practice this year, and if this was going to change my relationships with those deitys outside kemetic frame work. Years ago , I didn’t want to know because I couldn’t face another initiation : I really had too much to deal with already.   ( in terms of ill health).             So, I went to sleep and a figure was touching my body in a sort of medicinal manner. I couldn’t see clearly who it was. Nor the energy signature was complete for me to feel, so, I asked who was there.  Atleast I asked right, rather than not ackowledge a presence. The answer I got back shocked me.  She said after a pause… Your Mother. I said I hadn’t had my RPD and still was unsure who she was right now, I leaned close to her and felt an impression of a large lioness face and immense vastness of the sky/ night. I realised then without words, she is Sekhmet. We talked about me, the exact words I don’t remember, but apparently, she has daughters like me.  Her voice was strangely masculine- perhaps to distinguish her voice as not coming from my thoughts.  I woke up a few times that night thinking, is this Real? My head went pretty hot so .. Yes. I lit a candle the last 2 nights with the last drops of the gorgous Sekhmet oil I had. She’s forgiven me for what I can tell of struggling to recognise her on a few occasions, and eased rather prominent pains in my legs. I felt quite stunned for a while, I had always pictured finding a parent through RPD, and didn’t realise the full extent of mixed emotions it would bring . ( to which she also helped me with )  so , after a good sleep last night, having cleaned and annointed  her statue , found a permenant place on the shrine for her .. now I know her relationship to me . ( but now I need the rest!) so, it seems I’ve had a kick in the butt to go ahead and find out.  Still feeling slightly apprehensive though, so I’m going to spend time with Mother first. ( She is such an awe inspiring goddess to me, that it feels slightly daunting. )   But it really is a nice feeling to know who I belong to/ where I fit in. 


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