I have fibromyalgia. Everytime I think, oh thank glob it’s settled, it flares soon again. Sitting is uncomfortable, the feeling is like corkscrews being driven into my hips. The pain radiates into my legs, my back. Lying down is a finely tuned activity; where I can’t lie on my left side too long, because my hips feel bruised. At the moment, my back hurts and it may be a more genuine muscle problem rather than just fibromyalgia. To touch my hips is to feel pain, my back has tender points. My back is shooting out pains I don’t understand why or where they are coming from. I feel like I have permenant pmt pains, even my pelvic/ groin thingy muscles hurt to touch. And I can’t stress enough how much it hurts to have physio on those muscles. My legs are restless, and painful, doing night shifts and being awake and having to sit for hours, is driving me crazy. As is being expected to come to work in my free time for training, where I have to Sit and endure more pain, when I don’t even see the damn value of my training. I will not be going to work on my days off.  My nights will come and go. My flares will come and go. And I’m sure, my sanity will come and go. I want to give up so badly. 


10 thoughts on “Pains

  1. Nick

    Have you tried Lyrica? It’s a fibro med. It might work.

    It breaks my heart to hear about your suffering. I’m going to do a reading for you tomorrow and tonight, I’m going to send some energies your way. I hope they help.

    1. cinnamonwarmth Post author

      I do know lyrica, it’s a consideration. I’ve only just got to a point where I feel ready to increase amitriptyline; I was too mentally wobbly the last two weeks. It has soothed some of the pain. I dread to think what cards turn up. Thank you for the energies 🙂

  2. cinnamonwarmth Post author

    I was wondering how it would be phrased. I don’t suppose I really know what counts as an obstacle vs I need healing. Traditionally I would view it as healing.

    1. Nick

      Hmmm. He’s not a healing god, more of a beginnings/ends obstacle removed kind of deity.

      But he might remove the obstacle that’s preventing you from getting proper healing. :/


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