I have always had an interest in alternative therapies. Kinesiology, reiki, acupuncture.. Years ago I tried kinesiology for headaches I kept getting. I didn’t realise how much comes into consideration, the time of year, the time you have symptoms, your environment, what you eat/ drink. I’m sure there were other questions. We tracked my headaches to 4pm, and its cause? My bladder meridian and my environment stressing me on some level. With a few taps to balance me out .. No more headaches. What we found next never ceases to amaze me, I also had seasonal affective disorder. I hadn’t realised that’s why I’d been tired for months, a few taps — I was right as rain. We found the colour yellow helped me deal with stress. The kidney out of balance was causing me to have repetitive thoughts …So, with a slightly weird but new understanding of health.. I was hooked. I even tried Bach flower remedies even though I was sceptical ( yes they worked) .Fast forward 7 or more years, I’m finally trained in Auricular acupuncture. I now have dreams about my organs being blocked or needing boosting. I even perform my own surgery sometimes. Most recently I dreamt I was in China for treatment, several tubes stuck out of my wrists, and I had a mixture being pumped into my blood. I had a feeling it was to help my fibromyalgia. The rest? I’m not sure. I was told my wrists were the wrong shape. I am so far thinking it means I’m being rigid in my thinking. I need to let go of things again. I’m not good at letting go. Now I have learnt the wrist is a meridian point – the heart. Some how I can make sense of this in dream but need to look it up in wake. I decided to buy a book on meridian systems. Then I think a lot will fall into place and possibly get weirder. Simply watching videos in meridian systems makes my hands ache . It’s clearly what I respond to. I also dreamt about Kali this week, holding a beautiful blue and gold snake. Not sure what this means. But I feel the winds of change blowing again and I feel happy to have a new focus.


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