The nasty dead

I am not really some one who is good at being able to see akhu. I can tell they are there by synchronicity or by dream. I had an experience this week, of an unknown spirit talk to me in an undignified manner. I like to call these types ” nasties”. I guess there’s other names for them but nasty sums it up quite well. I was asleep and got moved out of my dream to somewhere else; and very distinctly heard the spirit talk to me ” Give me that heart”. I asked the spirit who it was, what it’s name was.. No answer. I tried looking – I couldn’t see them. I realised the spirit wanted a stone heart that sits on my shrine. It is a gift I got for Ma’at, and it came to symbolise many things I struggle to find words for. In essence; it represents Ma’at herself, it represents me, it represents purity, love and hope. All those good squishy things I feel when I think of my connection to Netjer. Now, to deal with this spirit who clearly didn’t want me to be able to argue, I spoke Ma’ats name, and very matter of factly stated ” I live within ma’at” and walked out of the dream; and woke up. It struck me this spirit didn’t want this heart for good reasons, and it certainly would have made no difference if it was for good. That heart is mine, and Netjers. I still can’t believe a spirit I don’t know, wanted it so badly. It’s a bit of a shock. And I now feel compelled to check it’s still there when I walk in my room!! How sad to think an akhu is wandering around miserably wanting such things, perhaps if they had been polite, honest, sincere … I would have tried to help them find resolution. Has anybody else come across such akhu?


2 thoughts on “The nasty dead

    1. cinnamonwarmth Post author

      Yes, it went away as soon as I said I live within ma’at. I have never used that as a banishing before but it had the desired effect. I’m not even sure I meant it to banish but a matter of fact statement that I refused to give in to the akhu.


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