The outcome

I am no longer dating the mummy’s boy. Hekate is working to cut his apron strings. I asked my shadow self to heal me of my anxiety. I dreamt that my stomach was covered in scars. But I woke up not feeling anxious, I woke up angry and ready to kill .My brethren have gifted his penis with an std. He lied about wanting a relationship, in reality he just wanted fun. If you lie to me, you pay the price. Own up to your feelings and face the reality. Hurting people because you are a coward is not fair. Enjoy the broken bike, mate.


3 thoughts on “The outcome

  1. Nick

    I’m sorry that it didn’t work out.

    I’m no longer engaged. Everything kind of fell apart.

    The universe has been throwing me signs left and right to either go back to Chicago or try for England one last time.

    The thing is…I do still love her, but she needs to leave Oklahoma and be purged of the darkness around her.

    I wish I had my tarot. I need guidance. I’m cut off from The Powers here. The history of this state and how it is now makes this place a psychic dead zone.


    1. cinnamonwarmth Post author

      Sorry that the engagements over. Did you manage to rebuild what you were trying to last time we spoke? I can read or try next weekend if you are free? Can go on Skype šŸ™‚

      1. Nick

        Thank you. šŸ™‚

        Not yet. I’m a bit flummoxed right now.

        I can try. We’re staying with her guy (who’s getting sick of her shite a bit) and he’s cool.

        But…yeah, I have Skype on my phone. I’ll keep you posted.

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