On being stood up

I recently met some one,  who I thought I got on well with. He  agreed to meet me again few days later for a second date, if you want to call it that. So I waited patiently. His phone cancelled my calls, i sent one text, no reply.I snoop on his face book. ..Oh he is spending the night watching downloads. of course

I’m some one who doesnt take any kind of rejection very well at all. Let alone when it is done rudely. I go cold, I feel weak and I cry if its a bad one. I also happen to be fond of righting wrongs, and I happened to sense Hecates anger this morning but thought I was perhaps imagining it. I also happened to buy a cucumber today amongst other grocery bits n bobs.

Of course now it makes sense.

I’m still annoyed, that some one can  be a dickhead, and I get the hurts.. not them. I consulted my wild woman, we were both for payback.  I considered sending my hurts to him, but upon consultation with trusted comrade, it would not have done any use, as he cares not one fucking bit.

So, my take on being stood up rudely? Well. Enjoy this.

Collect your tools

Collect your tools. I asked Hekate to bless my magics.

Pain where it hurts most

Pain where it hurts most, >:C

The end product

The end product.. mostly. I plan to keep adding for a few days.

I have to say, this was thoroughly therapuetic, Hekate I am certain was giggling, as was I towards the end.  Men who are dicks.. have no space in my life. What you deserve is what you get.. when you cross me. My take on it, be in charge of how you handle these moments in life, because a shitty experience can be made a little better with just the right touch. (And also, dont tread on my feelings. )


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