Gods just wanna have fun ( warning contains Loki )

For a while I have been planning to write an entry on Loki but also how gods enjoy a giggle. Many moons ago whilst looking through every pantheon that existed out of curiosity, I came across Loki.

Place yourself now in a pub, not one you frequent, but there with your witch compadre, discussing the millions of idiots you seem to come across one way or the other, followed by a sudden outburst of a curse on some one who deserved nothing less; using whatever we could find – vinegar, pepper, dirt, you name it , it went in that glass. My last comment was, Loki should give said person a nice moustachio. Well, from there on the air changed and I now have that God in my life, wether I like it or not.

Loki it seems, enjoys my work place, the actual psyche of my colleagues has been penetrated. Now everyone suddently says things like ‘ low key CBT’ and ‘ low key profile’ and other add ons. It makes me grin everytime I hear his name. Loki likes everyone to spill drinks, and you know it is him by the way whatever you spill, goes EVERYWHERE, inside cupboards, inside the bowls in the cupboards, on the floor, on you. It really is messy.  He also attends meetings at my cheeky request, I am not sure he enjoys going.. but he seems to ruffle some hairs around. He worked night shifts with me once, for a week, I wonder what effects this had on night staff. My favourite Loki joke, however, is Obama related,. On the radio they mentioned he was having a low key event, I laughed , saying it was very nice of him to host a meeting for Loki, and well, heres what I saw that week in the news paper : 20140512-222456.jpg

that year was also followed by moustaches everywhere, people grew bad ones, they appeared on t- shirts fashionably, on mugs…everywhere . Besides of course causing havoc, he also likes to share jokes between compadres, like the time my friend dreamt I was wearing a Muslim head dress and had a nice pointy moustche and followed him around everywhere. Loki is not the only God who enjoys a laugh but he certainly has made the biggest impact this way . He also has not just been the trickster to me, he helped ease back pains I had, and was a complete gentle man in doing so , despite initially forcing me to be knocked out psychically a few times , so I had no idea what he was doing – but I always felt better afterwards. I once tried to 'see' what he looked like, what I saw was similar to a fly on my shoulder but not how you'd expect, big black rapidly beating ethereal swirls. Beautiful. There's an incident which really sticks in my mind, and concerns Hekate. A few years ago I commented to her that I really needed :: cough:: man. And consequently imagined what I'd like to happen. Suddenly a friend texts me, but instead of what he write appearing , the text got scrambled and said " don't forget to wipe yourself" ha ha ha ha. Thanks for the advice Hekate. I laughed and well, so did she judging off the head rush that followed. But no we don;t stop there, I also commented to her once, I needed a ::cough:: man again when going for a night out, I had read about how people petitioned Priapus to get lucky. Well I don't know him, but I know Hekate, so I gave it a try. She doesn't disappoint but she makes sure she gets the last laugh. A friend of a friend came to said night out, and said within 2 minutes of seeing me said " yeah I'd xxxx you " . I still to this day marvel at his erm … honesty??! Kemetic gods also like a joke, but I have less experience per se of this. Perhaps I just relate slightly differently to them, my only experience I can think of concerns Ra. My friend had a wall paper on his desktop of a close up of the moon, I said it was nice, he commented yes it was followed by I better not be taking the pee. I said I wouldn't even if I wanted, because it was Ra's left eye and if I did, a thousand birds would probably poop on my car so I couldn't drive home after work. Of course, I get to my car, and I think " oh good, no poops" .. Wrong. Just on my wing mirror , is a poop that sat there staring proudly at me, that I had to see every time I needed to check lanes etc And yes I heard a giggle. I also recall on holiday in Sharm el Sheik, some very beaming grins and giggles when an Egyptian man wanted to marry me, he said we could live on Karnak, with his horses, boat and a shop . – laughs- the sad thing was I did fancy him initially. Shame. Hahaha


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