Family rant, and a back to you spell

This possibly is a moan than anything. Today I met my sister to go and see rudimental live. Easy enough right? Whilst waiting for the band to come on stage I spotted a text she received from her long standing partner, who wrote “.. Your horrible fucking sister” amongst other things, ranting about money as well. I made it clear I had seen that part of the text and asked what it was about, my sister denied knowing, and said ” he’s really moody at the moment”. I commented if he wrote like that again i’d break his teeth and make him eat his words. Whilst jangling his broken teeth infront of him. If she had any sense she’d have defended me and asked him not to talk about me like that, but in all my life she has never once done that. To the degree years ago ( I was 19 I’m
Now 29) I snapped and punched the lights out of said partner ( after a year of emotional abuse and verbal abuse that no one in my family would accept was happening)I don’t know why I’m lumbered with a sister who accepts this behaviour, it is why I stopped speaking to her for about two years. Why is it, I am the only one who thinks family closeness or whatever should be earnt / kept to a certain standard? It is not a fucking privilege or right. If you want me in your life you better damn well act like it. I’m so done with this. Then she says ” oh we should go to moms one night for drinks just us three” I said, and who’s looking after your children? Because your partner thinks he can’t look after his own children and has tantrums when he has to. To the degree my sister isn’t even allowed to get a job meaning he’d look after the kids alone. Anyway. Forget me spending time with people like this. So currently sitting on the shrine is a back to you spell.. All the crap that git has sent me for no good reason , is going to go back where it belongs . All 11 years of it, and when it burns out .. he needn’t think I’ll be finished with him. I have a temper, I have a backbone and I have loyalty, and I damn well hold grudges. They say an elephant never forgets, well that’s not the worst of it, my argument is a witch never forgets.


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