On the go cursing

Sometimes, a feeling creeps up on you, sometimes with out you being quite so aware without some one prompting you to talk about it. For me this relates to how unsafe my work place currently is, and how for years my manager has done nothing but pass the book and try and mother me and my concerns . I do not need a mother. I need a manager. My employees need a manager. The persons I provide care for, need a manager. This week my mood has been rumbling. So in fact have the people we provide care for. Upper management are involved, twitter , and apparently some fanciful register which gets reviewed by a board of people. But non of this solves the fact the place I work is unsafe. , and my managers a twat . Today I raised my concerns, all I got back was ” I’m sorry, do you have any ideas how to change this?” -.- then apologies for my anger, and thanking me for my hard work. Neither of which I require, what I require is a solution and action. I then got given a Christmas card, and I mused that I was about to do the same myself, about to give a few cards and drop a gift in the secret Santa. The manager said , “I realise you probably hate me and don’t want a card. ” I said I wanted a resolution to the problems, but considering I’m an hour and a half late to go home, I was going home, but first the tip. I had so much junk in my car from moving into an apartment this was my last lot to go. … The universe has given me a gift. My manager is going in the tip. Her own hand writing, her own name, freshly given to me that day, all my rage , perfectly timed. I had 0 minutes to spare by the time I got to the tip. Literally chuck and go. boy did it feel good. And yes, I can feel the universe laughing with me.



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