Wesir mysteries

This is my second attempt at this post. My previous one had half it’s content swiped.. I’ll take it that I wrote too much! So now for a smaller, more precise break down of a week in the life of a remetj participating in the mysteries. ( topped with the flu) Before the mysteries this year, I spoke to Wesir more than say.. Last year. So it wasn’t such a leap of faith. Still head crushing and meaningful however. In Wesirs myth, he drowns and becomes an King of the blessed dead.there are a few versions of the myth, including being murdered by his brother Set. My first experience of the mysteries as such , was different in that, I had a realistic ( dream ) experience of dying .. And had a week of being cleansed .. Now fast forward one year . My week was spent, watching his candle stay a light, offering my strength through a ritual – although it wasn’t as involved as I’d hoped due to my flu! (But I’m sure Wesir appreciated it anyway… )Reading the Lamentations, and generally receiving messages from Wesir in a variety of forms. My week started with a what I thought was a harmless heads up. Driving home from work I was working out my shift pattern for that week, and how I could fit my Wesir time in around that, and was there anything I needed to buy – nope- got plenty of candles. Then Wesir nods at me, this year you will participate again.. Then Don’t speak came on the radio . I haven’t heard that in ages , no doubt were a favourite band of mine for years . At first I mused at the lyrics ” you and me, I can see us dying , are we?” I thought .. Coincidence.. Then came a wave of grief followed by lots of tears. Then I heard the ” don’t speak, I know what your thinking and I don’t need your reasons – don’t tell me cause it hurts” hmmm . Yeap . It hurts. That’s right Wesir, I don’t need to ask why you gave me that wave of grief .. It took me back to the pain of losing my aunt to cancer, and more recently my moms partner also to cancer. On to the week of mysteries. day 1: Defense of Wesir from Set. My own practice included a prayer of protection. I later had a dream I couldn’t breathe properly due to my throat being frozen. I tried to talk and my voice just wobbled. Eventually I left my apartment to get help.. Then I woke up. Day two: ” night of death”. I read the Lamentations of Aset and Neb-het. I found myself noticing a lot more about how the goddesses gave Wesir strength and put his body back together, strong enough to stand and walk again. I dreamt that night about walking in a garden, I see my friend carrying green folders, they had blood on them – he licked the blood and said it was salty , then washed the blood away. ( salt in the wound perhaps ?) day three: ” mourning. ” and ” destroying the ass and serpent” at this point I can hardly focus due to my flu. So I drew a snake and cut it up and binned it. I light my candle and watch it burning brightly for a few hours from my bed. I later dreamt I was walking in a forest, I come across trees tall and proud, they were shaking off dead branches and leaves, I asked for a message and immediately found my hair was now long , curly and had hundreds of acorns in. I thanked the trees and moved on. Day four: night vigil. I was planning to stay up aslong as I could- reading hourly prayers however flu does not accommodate. So I stated my candle early and watched it glow . Incidentally I was wondering if prayers really made a difference to Wesir , how is it possible for a god to benefit from prayers? As it is said that the prayers do help protect Wesir. I also wondered how it was that, although he is going through his death, he still has time to help me through mine? And just why does he care so much ? I say this in a, his compassion overwhelms me way- not an ungrateful way. At the point I play the radio as I can’t focus on anything much, and Wesir appears – telling me to listen to the next song. It was Life saver by Sunset avenue . If you look at the lyrics, it does draw comparison to the myths,and answered my private questions. http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/sunriseavenue/lifesaver.htmlIt was touching. He did want me to watch his candles, keep praying to give him strength , and yeah .. He would still keep helping me through my crap even though it’s usually the same stuff every year which in part makes me feel stupid . That night I dreamt I was walking through the forest again, this time I’m marvelling at how much better I feel .. I felt cleansed .. However I was warned not everything had gone and saw little patches of air covered in wasps. They did not scare me , just knowing they are there is enough. Day five ;”: feast of Sokar-Wesir . Lit my candle. Mused on the messages I’d had. Had a phonecall from a relative who’s voice was distorted and wobbly on the phone – exactly like mine in my dream. I proceeded to be worried. I obviously haven’t cracked it . And my relative ended up buying a new phone ! I dreamt that I was in a cemetery , instead of it looking sad and empty , it was bright and busy . Had a fountain, pink birds , blue ducks , pink gravestones.. I recall thinking how beautiful it was and actually taking photos like it was a theme ground .. But so were other people in my dream. Day six: raising the djed pillar . Lit a candle. This year I didn’t raise the pillar , last year I did. I was a little busy being grumpy with the flu and just being grumpy in general. I kept the candle going for the next few days , Wesir popped round for what seemed to be healing pain in my legs , as lowering my dose of steroids led to pain sadly. I’m not sure what else he was up to . So this year, it’s theme is certainly the theme of dying, cleansing a rebirth / hope. I’m still planning to look more into this throat meaning , I know somewhere I have read that the throat relates to needing to be cleansed – but I’m
Not entirely sure that is it . Well I certainly have things to think about, I hope the mysteries have served you well if you took part . Dua Wesir


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