Aset luminous and an answered prayer


Some people reading this may be familiar with a festival known as Aset luminous. This was a festival celebrated in antiquity and is recorded as having the icon of Aset taken to the streets of kemet in her sacred barque , lamps lit through the night and prayers written on boats, then sent down the Nile to be heard by Aset. This year I decided to participate. I actually met Aset a week or two prior to this event where I can only hint that she did not slap me upside the head ( which maybe she should have) and instead saw to cleanse a lot of my inner junk away. I really felt the light in the dark – and this feeling of closeness yet being far away too and mysterious. In a very genuine thanks for her act of kindness, I saw fit to paint for her festival and had an Aset ritual bath ( tears of isis shop) which was an amazingly good bath.( just remember to put a muslin cloth over it or something because of the myrhh ) after this event, a few days later I dreamt some one gave me my letter back. Of course in dream state this didn’t mean a lot to me but curiosity – then came the lightening, thunder and fire. I woke up after being blinded by lightening which I realised only when I woke up – was dream lightening . After this dream I knew some thing was going to change – I just wasn’t sure what … It turns out that actually the goddess saw fit to help me deal with pains I have been getting which this year have actively gotten worse and more unbearable, nor respond to conventional treatment. So far iv been buffeted from fibromyalgia to polymyalgia, ruled out diabetes and thyroid problems only to find my bloods really are abnormal and for once I have proof it’s not just a set of dodgy discs. I’m still in a stressful process of figuring out what’s wrong with me.. But atleast soon I will see a rheumatologist or perhaps a muscle biopsy will go ahead. I’m stressed to the hills, I hate seeing other health professionals either for treatment or to determine wether I can do my job. But soon it will be over and I can’t wait. For the first time in years I’m mostly pain free, my legs don’t burn, lying on my side doesn’t hurt and I don’t want to chop my back off. An answered prayer isn’t as easy or stress free as I’d imagined – but I am so glad Aset heard and answered my prayer. I would also like to thank two friends behind this – who cast their lovely spell to help find a long term solution for my pains. Who would have thought it would end like this? Dua Aset!


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