Dua Sekhmet ! (One) before whom evil trembles


Dua Sekhmet!

Sekhmet, is a goddess I used to be quite fearful of. For some reason, years ago, when ever I searched her name, I’d found comments on how scarey she is, how stern she is, how not to catch her on a bad day, how not to infact have anything to do with her unless you mean business and its damn important. This included any books I also read!

You can imagine my surprise at finding the total opposite, my blog entry is about my own experience of her, and actually .. just how kind she is.

There are lots of resources out there already which can give you a good idea of what she is about as a goddess, an eye of Ra, great healer, great of magic, venegeance, justice etc

There are also resources on how Sekhmet was created to destroy the bad mankind who made fun of Ra, but Sekhmet became so venegeful she nearly wiped us all out – but – thankully was given red coloured beer and became drunk, and thus Hethert was created, and one goddess is now two.

Image Dua Hethert!

( this is one of my favourite pictures )

So I will try not to go over what may be for some, old grounds and talk about my own experiences which is what my blogs actually for.

Sekhmet has visited me – during periods of illness, where I quite happily would have performed surgery to rid myself of the pain. ( think undiagnosed disc bulge three times) .

Sekhmet to me, is not this scarey she-beast, that I kept coming across online and in books. She has been kind beyond imagination, loving, forgiving ( I tried to banish her thinking she was a ghost once ) and has a sense of humour  ( she giggled at me for it )

The worst pain I ever felt was having a disc bulge, I was at one point in so much pain, I couldnt even move to ring an ambulance no matter how much I wanted to. This is when I met Sekhmet, she arrived with great company – Set. They announced their arrival quite formally. infact i thought i was going to get a bollocking. Nope. They gave me so much healing, I could finally roll on to my side and take more pain releif, and didnt have to make an agonising trip to A+E.  Sekhmet visited for an entire week and spent the whole night bathing me in her fire. Which I am very grateful for.

I found that Sekhmet surprises me just by how much she cares about me, I never apparently thought that divinities could care so much. The visits that I know of – tend to be to help me get rid of phyiscal pains,. Pains that I now have daily. To say they drive me up the wall, is an understatement. Once I used a tens machine on my legs, I think i over did it though and had terrible cramps – she came to sort me  out thankfully. Other times I am not exactly sure what she was healing me of, some times it is mental or perhaps spiritual things shes getting rid of, but I know I always feel miles better afterwards.

More recently, I celebrated the Drunkenness of Hethert- Sekhmet , for the first time, and was again suprised by the joy she radiated and that she still apparently enjoys my sleepy company all night long. 🙂 Image

I also bought some Sekhmet oil, which is for anointing but also for personal use.  ( bought it from the Tears of Isis shop ) and found that, if you mix it with epsom salt, and put it in the bath, it is the most amazing luxurious bath ever… and gets rid of back pain like no ones business. I can happily say that its the best bath I’ve ever had and am itching for another one.

I have had perhaps one experience of Hethert, when I was trying to cheer up a friend who was crying, I couldnt think what on earth to say or do, and in danced Hethert, and made me sing cheesey 80s music .. non stop for an entire shift at work, This apparently was enough to cheer my friend up. 🙂 Sekhmet also answered a prayer for confidence, healing, and self esteem  I asked for – for this friend in particular. Imagine a person who had been bullied for years and could not cope any longer .. well .. a month later she had so much confidence.. strength and peace that it should have been spilling all over the place. It still makes me smile to think of this day.

The other experiences I have had with Sekhmet, are more to do with a negative confession you may know of:

Hail Bright-Flame, coming forth from Ptah’s temple in Mennefer, I do not dislike myself

One of the things, I find kemetic gods/goddesses are good at, is making you cough up some hidden uglies, some nasty emotions you keep locked away, and at times forgotten, This is not allowed no sir no . You must bring them to the surface, acknowledge them and the pain they cause,and then get rid of them, and then it is done.

The aspect I have found Sekhmet in particular hones in on, is my body. for example – “i hate my body its useless. i hate my body why does it have to be so shit?”  there are worse i have thought about it, mostly in fustration of disc, back, and leg pains . I mostly have learnt to forgive and move on, and accept to just do what i can day by day. Ranting and swearing at my body doesnt make me feel any better.

One thought which i dont want to say on here, I had – actually disturbed me so much that I actually got worried about myself – this is distinctly when I then I heard a very loud and long growl. I know it was Sekhmet,. It surpised me so much – it stopped that thought in its tracks. killed it. And no , i didnt get a telling off 😛

In the future, I’d like to do some heka with Sekhmet, for healing, health. I’m sure there must be hymns, prayers, chants – something- that I can do for myself and others , besides the ones I know of. I just am not sure how to go about it, sitting down and saying “hey Sekhmet fancy doing so me heka with me ?” seems so,, I dont know, rude? It may be another irrational thought of mine however. Perhaps I should finally pluck up the courage to ask her. 😉


2 thoughts on “Dua Sekhmet ! (One) before whom evil trembles

  1. Me.

    Sekhmet Has A Lighter Side,Yes-But Do Not Underestimate Her Dark Side. She Is The Goddess Of War,Royalty,The Sun’s Deadly Rays And May Other Things And She Has The Power To Back It All Up. Do Not Take One Who Is Pared With Egypt’s Greatest Hunter Lightly.

    1. cinnamonwarmth Post author

      Thank you for commenting, at the time I wrote this, I was keen to express her profound kindness towards me, which I felt was a side to her some what neglected in books/ online. I also would like you to know that, your message arrived two hours before a significant event. For 3 years, I’ve lived in a flat underneath a lady who was being abused, I often asked Sekhmets protection for this lady – as well as trying to advise her she really can leave him. It came to a head yesterday, I helped her report it to police, and helped her to a place of safety with her child. I know, Sekhmet was protecting.


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