The day of unknown rage in the Duat

Today within the Kemetic Orthodoxy is the The Day of Unknown Rage in the Duat. This I believe is the start of Heru-sa-Aset and Sets battle over the throne. The Contendings have begun. I do not personally have any issues with Set as a god, I have had very positive experiences of him. I actually have had very little to do with Heru in any of his forms. As for the meaning of the contendings, well, a kingship is not earnt solely through birth right, you must prove yourself worthy. So Set was the one who tested Heru. In my view ;). Today I decided I needed to perform Senut, firstly for Set and Heru in their contendings, and secondly I had a sudden desire to honour Wesir. It turns out to be also a feast of Sepa-Wesir. A version of Wesir I had not yet come across, so now I get a new variant to read up. 🙂 regardless of this new found god to discover I offered some tasty treats. My own thoughts on the Contendings: I tried to relate to my own life. How do I experience battles, what are my tests and how do I overcome them. Oddly enough my morning was spent raging because my sister had decided to feed my nan a bullshit story about how our mother doesn’t see her enough or grandkids. This lead to my nan getting on her high horse telling me my mother doesn’t care enough and is a terrible mother and grandmother . I experienced a sudden rise of rage… But. Managed a ” my mother had plans already this weekend and I’m not discussing it with you” . …firstly why can my sister not act like an adult , secondly my mother is still grieving for her partner and cant always deal with my sister and her very noisy kids. Topic swiftly changed. Later my nan then moaned to my uncle all over again about how my mother doesn’t do enough and bla bla bla. Please bear in mind my sister is middle 30s and quite capable of looking after herself. I decided to hit where it will be most effective – ring the golden child ( my dad in this case) and seethed that I had quite had enough of years of ” your mother isn’t good enough she doesn’t care enough ” my dad quietly understood .. But didn’t know what to tell my nan. So I agreed I would try to be polite and refuse to get into mother bashing, and she would not discuss her low opinions of my mother to me again. My dad will also have words with her. This time I mean business. Apparently one word with her has been taken no notice of. My other Contendings today- I talked about personal goals and shifts in my thinking recently . Work issues, health issues, wanting to rent or buy somewhere to live.I joked that my Contendings were not unknown – I knew what they were. Of course gods have to have the last laugh don’t they – I couldn’t open my car cap to put in petrol ?? No idea why so I had to get some one to do it for me , and later on it seems my mother had her own contending – the dish washing machine door kept opening and we had to hold the door shut so the water would drain. That then would be the unseen …


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