Ma’at — Guidance,Healing, Cursing

I struggled to write this entry, I was torn between talking about how I got here, and every goddess involved along the way. I’m going to keep it simple, Ma’at only 😉

Ma’at is the first goddess I met, for two years she followed me as I tried to develop psychic skills and try mediumship, it is around this time I realised I had a guardian in my life, I just didnt know whom.     Back in the “I dont know” years, Ma’at used to send me feathers, the most memorable one  was when I was worried about some thing quite serious, and was told to watch this tv show, So I sat and looked – what on earth is happening here — Out comes Alan Carr with a jacket on – with a HUGE feather on the front. I smiled and thought – its going to be ok. phew!!

The feathers increased, changed in colour to be more outlandish, yellow, pink, purple, often several of them. I was bemused for quite some time as to what this was about.. I also started to dream about post it notes, initially two of them, later on – hundreds.                       Ma’at took an interest in my diet, as I was keen to eat healthy back then – I recall having a bad moment, and having my shirt pulled as if it was a friendly reminder. A goddess “What are you playing at?” moment. I couldnt work out wether to scream in fear or not, I thought she was a ghost. Hahaha.

I was being particularly stubborn, for some time, not willing to see that it was Ma’at. one of the reasons for this was a simple disbeleif, what on earth is an egyptian goddess doing here? why is she following me?(I got over this, With some hearty warning, and hits over the head from Hekate.)

I kept hearing buzzing in my ears, and the feathers were getting desperate to be noticed, my neice gave me 5 feathers, so it formed a wing, and I thought – oh my word its Ma’at.

I pushed it aside, what does she want what does she waaaant?

My friend eventually came to my rescue, proudly telling me it was Ma’at. oh I had been outed, or well she had. Finally I decieded I needed to stop being ridiculous, and talk to her properly.

So I did just that, my ears buzzed like a motor, I was wrapped up in a blanket of sun and bliss for hours. I apologised for being a stubborn idiot. I fondly recall this moment when ever I feel low. I later had a vision of Ma’at, she was holding scales proudly, wore a white dress and had Wadjet on her forehead. I felt that I was also her simultaneously – I felt a perfect order , courage and a proud feeling that this is what was right and true. Nothing feels better than Ma’at when you are seeking truth and order.

My relationship now with Ma’at, is a little more business like, on account of well.. I like to give her my maat, and some times I ask for maat. I get the feeling she waits for me to cough up when im hiding something ugly,and proudly stomps it all away with glee. I found an effective way of dealing with this ” crap” is to ask for maat, and burn a candle for a week. It is the worse week ever –  all that shit you were not dealing with, is right in your face- and then gotten rid of. Ahhhh.  Much better. 😉

Sometimes my head simply gets jumped on, and boy does Ma’at know how to jump. it feels very psychadelic. She however is very kind, and has lovingly stroked my face when I have felt alone.

If ever i feel lost, disconnected or lonely, and want to talk to her, i ask for a feather, she often leaves me feathers in dreams, of course I always contemplate the meaning of the feather, colour,size,shape etc. They all have meaning.

She also happens to enjoy casual chats with music and hot chocolate – upg of course.

On the less perhaps desirable for some side of Ma’at. When some one else is not acting in the right manner, I often get a candle and write her name on it, and the person involved. She does not like bullys,liars etc and I know she has protected me several times from these types of persons. This is what i call the justice and protection side of her. Other people may not be comfortable doing this but it certainly doesnt bother me if i have done nothing wrong. Who better than Ma’at to make things right?

I find Ma’at very active, if I call her – usually she is there instantly , it is one of the things I love about her, she rides in on the wind and almost goes – I’m here!! And then she is off again doing her goddess business when its all over. She chose a heart shaped stone to be on the altar, most people who see it – instantly pick it up and comment on how they think it is beautiful. Of course She is! I smile to myself.


~~ the picture I have borrowed from Fine


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